Environmentally friendly car wash
in the heart of Redondo Beach
Wash Packages
The Big Kahuna
$33.99 Full Service Car Wash, sealer wax, tri-foam polish wax, exclusive paint guard - protection, wheel clean, tire dressing, air freshener

The Longboard
$31.99 Full Service Car Wash, sealer wax, tri-foam polish wax, wheel clean, tire dressing, air freshener

The Shortboard
$28.99 Full Service Wash, sealer wax, wheel clean, air freshener

The Beach Bum
$23.99 Full Service Wash (includes spot free rinse)

Beach Bum $50
The Shortboard $55
The Longboard $60
Big Kahuna $65

The Scuba Dive
Complete Interior and Exterior Detail w/ FULL DETAIL - $389.99

The paddleboard
Complete Exterior Detail - $249.99

The Pier
Complete Exterior Detail - $249.99

The Bonfire
Interior & Exterior Mini Detail - $249.99

The Sandcastle
Interior Express - $99.99

The Shorerunner
Express Hand Wax - $99.99


My first time here, and I was as impressed as I thought I would be. Everything's brand new from the ground up, and the design is smart. The crew works like a well oiled machine, and there's plenty of products to browse, and plenty of refreshments (at a cost). Spotless throughout including the bathroom. It amuses me that there had been an abandoned former car wash at this site forever with a leftover HUGE "Car Wash" sign rising high above the street. When this new place prepared to move in, the surrounding residents went nuts! Gave the owner tons of grief. New owner had to hire an attorney and spent mucho money and time to be able to proceed. Those stupid neighbors. You paid a discounted price for your home because of the nearby commercial zoning, and then you want your cake and eat it too? Sorry, the guys with the white hats won out in the end. Go support this biz for the grief they endured!!

P.S. - monthly packages available that are DEFINITELY worth a look, and a Wednesday special
(The $20 option is $13).


This is the ONLY carwash that I go to now & here's why:

- Service: is always spot-on. The guys taking care of your car are super friendly & the cashier is also on the same page!

- Prices: for the price that you pay (plus the discount you can get on yelp for checking in), they are perfectly reasonable. The guys here also take care of the inside of your care by wiping away excess dust & vacuuming, so the money is well worth it.

Thank you for always transforming my dirty car into the prettiest one in town.


First time at this car wash close to my house. I know Chris the owner, as owns the other car wash down by PCH and aviation, a native California surfer. Took them a while to secure permits in this town, which is nothing new. At any rate beautiful location, immaculate facilities and an nice coffee shop which will no doubt attract the locals.

As for the service it was ok. They run your car through the bay quickly, albeit I did come in a Sunday when it's less congested. They spend a good amount of time on your vehicle cleaning and detailing it, which I suppose is why they run the car through the machine quickly. The staff is nice, friendly quiet and attentive. I'll come back again and the $3 coupon is redeemable each time which is nice, probably so that you have money for a tip. Which is a smart strategy on their part. Good luck with this venture Chris!!

Jon D

This place did a great job on my car and a very reasonable wait for a Saturday afternoon. Also great interior and exterior wash for the price, starts at $16. Hard to find a place this good for the price in LA.

Eric E

Super friendly staff, reasonable prices, quick service. Love this place - today they offered to take off a mark I've had on my car since I bought it. Everyone else told me it wouldn't come out, but they got it off in a second!

Channel C

Great car wash!! Right across the street from my job. Reasonable prices and excellent work. Thank you for keeping my baby clean!!!

Tasha L

Paid $200 hundred dollars for the Scuba Diver Full detail with a discount of $70 dollars. I honestly could say wow! I have a 2008 Ford Escape that I recently bought used so it definitely needed a full shampoo clean up including seats and carpet. My car looks freaken new. I honestly recommend this place.

Santiago M

I was always going to the Rock n Roll carwash in Hermosa because the service was good and the vibe was cool while you wait. I found out that they opened this location closer to my home. Great service. Tues/Wed they have a special which is $6 less than the usual costs. Definitely worked out for me.

Ian S