Environmentally friendly car wash
in the heart of Redondo Beach
Wash Packages
The Big Kahuna
$33.99 Full Service Car Wash, sealer wax, tri-foam polish wax, exclusive paint guard - protection, wheel clean, tire dressing, air freshener

The Longboard
$31.99 Full Service Car Wash, sealer wax, tri-foam polish wax, wheel clean, tire dressing, air freshener

The Shortboard
$28.99 Full Service Wash, sealer wax, wheel clean, air freshener

The Beach Bum
$23.99 Full Service Wash (includes spot free rinse)

Beach Bum $50
The Shortboard $55
The Longboard $60
Big Kahuna $65

The Scuba Dive
Complete Interior and Exterior Detail w/ FULL DETAIL - $389.99

The paddleboard
Complete Exterior Detail - $249.99

The Pier
Complete Exterior Detail - $249.99

The Bonfire
Interior & Exterior Mini Detail - $249.99

The Sandcastle
Interior Express - $99.99

The Shorerunner
Express Hand Wax - $99.99

Car Wash Facts

Fact #1: Sound Levels

  • Sound and decibel level emanating from carwash dryer (blower) will be the following:
    • Measured decibel level 10 feet from the installed equipment equals 86.6 db
    • Decibel level at the North property line equals 58 db
    • Allowed decibel at the North property line equals 60 db
  • The installed equipment meets city established sound requirments

Fact #2: Traffic

  • Traffic count along south Irena equals approximately 1,000 cars per day
  • Traffic count along Torrance Blvd. equals approximately 18,000 cars per day
  • Estimated traffic entering car wash from Irena equals 70-80 cars per day (7%-8% increase)
  • No significant impact to local traffic

Fact #3: Water Reclamation System

  • Redondo Car Wash will be using a state of the art, three phase, triple tank, water purification system
  • 75% of all initial prep water and tunnel wash water will be recycled
  • Final rinse water will be 100% reverse osmosis, spot-free with biodegradable drying agent
  • Suprasses all standards of modern carwash technology and meets leed certification requirements

Fact #4: Storm Drainage

  • Redondo Car Wash will be using the latest in storm water mitigation technology
    • There will be 12 onsite storm water retention wells and over 1000 s.f. of permeable stone paving. This allows all storm runoff to be naturally drained back into the water table
  • This mitigates any significant environmental impact

Fact #5: Irrigation

  • Redondo Car Wash will be using all drought tolerant landscaping and plant species are adaptive to the Southern California coastal area
  • We are proud to feature these plant species and all plants will be labeled with their own plaques, creating a mini botanical garden within the landscape environment
  • All plants will be on a low water emitting drip irrigation system with complete sustainability in all four seasons
  • This requires minimal water usage

Redondo Car Wash will HAVE A 15-20%